Poker players lucky charms: Card and Chip protectors

Poker players lucky charms: Card and Chip protectors

Over the years, poker players have developed various tools and accessories to enhance their gaming experience and protect their cards and chips. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of poker players' card and chip protectors and explore their significance at the poker table. Both lucky charms are not only used for luck but also have some functionality. 

Card Protectors:

A card protector, also known as a card guard, is a small object placed on top of a player's hole cards to prevent them from being accidentally exposed, folded prematurely, or accidentally mucked by the dealer. Card protectors come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, adding a personal touch to the poker experience. Some players use an actual chip to protect their cards if their hand is strong. 



Chip Protectors: While card protectors primarily focus on protecting the player's hand, chip protectors serve a different purpose. Chip protectors, also called card cappers, are used to secure and safeguard a player's chips during gameplay and when temporarily leaving the table.

Here are some fun chip protectors that poker players at King's resort use:


Looking for a card/chip protector? You can check out ours. 

King's Card Protector


Mr Shark Chip Protector

Overall, lucky charms are not only superstitious objects, but they also serve practical functions by safeguarding cards and chips, as well as contributing to a player's confidence, focus, and sense of luck.





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