5 Essentials for Poker Home Games

5 Essentials for Poker Home Games

 Poker is a timeless card game that brings people together for hours of excitement, strategy, and friendly competition. Let's be honest sometimes you are not in the mood to drive to a casino, but rather gather your friends to play for fun while enjoying drinks. 

In this article, we'll discuss the essential equipment you need to ensure your poker night is a success.

1. Poker Chips: Poker chips are the cornerstone of any poker game. They not only serve as currency but also add an element of professionalism to the table. It's recommended to invest in a high-quality set of poker chips that have a good weight, stackability, and a pleasant feel. A standard set typically consists of 500 chips, including different denominations to accommodate various bet sizes. 

King's Poker Set

2. Playing Cards: A deck of playing cards is a must-have for any poker game. Opt for decks specifically designed for poker, as they are typically more durable and have a larger print, making it easier for players to read the cards. Plastic cards are more durable and comfortable to shuffle than paper ones. It's better to have at least 2 decks to alternate for shuffling and speed up the process.


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3. Poker Table: While a dedicated poker table may not be essential, it significantly enhances the gaming experience. A poker table provides a smooth playing surface, ample space for players, and built-in cup holders to keep drinks secure. If a poker table is not feasible, a large, flat, and comfortable table with a suitable tablecloth can serve as a makeshift alternative. However, the poker table is a big investment and takes up a lot of space. We recommend Poker cloths or Poker mats to place on top of a regular table, if you don't plan to have home games often.  


4. Dealer Button: The dealer button is used to designate the player who is in the dealer position for each hand. It rotates clockwise after each hand to ensure fairness and equal distribution of positions. Invest in a professional dealer button or use any distinct object, such as a large coin or a small figurine, to fulfill this purpose. Additionally, for a more authentic experience, you can use All in Button.

5. Timer: To maintain a steady pace of play and avoid delays for home tournaments, a timer is essential. It ensures that each player has a specific time limit to make their decisions, keeping the game flowing smoothly.  There are plenty of free applications for poker timers, our favourite are:

iOS: PokerTimer 

Android: Blinds Are Up! Poker Time

Accessories: In addition to the primary equipment, several accessories can enhance the overall poker experience. Consider providing a few comfortable chairs for players, a whiteboard for tracking bets and blind levels, and your lucky charm. 

When it comes to hosting poker home games, having the right equipment is essential to create an immersive and enjoyable experience. From poker chips and playing cards to a well-designed table and dealer button, each piece plays a vital role in recreating the ambiance of a professional poker game. Investing in the necessary equipment will ensure that your poker nights become memorable occasions for all involved. So, gather your friends, pour drinks, shuffle the deck, and let the games begin!

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